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Why Choose a .IO Domain?

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Why Choose a .IO Domain? Short and memorable, .io is fun to say. If you’re starting a brand new business, it’s a good opportunity to use your name to stand out from the rest. Plus, if your .com has been taken, there’s a good chance you will be able to register your dream .io domain now.

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Time to grow with a .IO

Is a .IO Right For Me?

If you’re a savvy startup and clever tech company, .io is for you. As you may already know, ’IO’ or ‘I/O’ is commonly used when referring to input/output, so if you want to be associated with technology, bag a cheap .io domain name and get cracking.

Boom boom boom, let me hear you say .IO

Not just for tech, a .io lends itself to domain hacks like and – clever right? In Italian .io means ‘I’ which makes this domain ideal for personal websites, so if you’re embarking on carving out your own place on the web, buy a

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Safety and support for your .io

.io domain

Real DNS Power

Namecheap’s network of DNS servers covers Europe and the US to deliver 99.99% uptime – keeping your site running smoothly. Other DNS features include URL and email forwarding to keep your business moving forward too. Plus, we help keep your web traffic safe with DNSSEC as standard on all eligible domains.


Domain privacy protection

For increased privacy, a domain privacy service will mask your personal domain data from the publicly accessible Whois database. This also reduces spam and protects you against identity theft. Best of all, it’s included FREE for life with every eligible Namecheap domain you register.

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.io domain

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Why Choose a .IO Domain?
Why Choose a .IO Domain?
$44.98 $48.98


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