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Cluster engagement rings typically feature a large central stone accented by one or more “clusters” of several smaller stones arranged together. Unlike traditional solitaire engagement rings, which have a single large gem as the centerpiece, cluster rings showcase the brilliance and beauty of multiple stones working together harmoniously.

With multiple gemstone options available, the wearer can showcase birthstones that represent their loved ones—all in one dazzling piece. Gemstone cluster rings best suit individuals or couples who cherish color and symbolism.

The design of a cluster engagement ring can vary widely, offering a diverse range of looks to suit different tastes and preferences. While round diamonds and baguette diamonds are the most common choice for cluster rings, colored gemstones are also frequently used, adding a pop of color and personality to the ring.

At Capucinne, our artisans will work with you to customize the ring of your dreams. While you can always order our premade designs, we love giving our customers creative freedom and help them make a one-of-a-kind ring. Unlock the full potential of your engagement ring by selecting the cuts, gemstone combinations, precious metals, and other options you like best.


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Cleo Emerald Ring Set

Cleo Emerald Ring Set

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