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Jan 08, 2024


How we meet?

I’m Valentina, 29 years old, Chilean.

Three years ago I moved to Australia to study English. The study time was supposed to be for six months, but then I decided to stay a bit longer…Observing from now, I’m so grateful for that decision of mine because, two months later, I met the love of my life – Mitchell.
I was studying in Brisbane but the majority of my classmates were Latin people so I wasn’t able to practice English a lot. I download Tinder with the purpose to meet English-speaking people and practicing more.
To be honest, he didn’t choose the best photos of him haha. But since my goal wasn’t dating, but practicing the English language, I have decided to give it a try. Firstly Mitchell and I have matched and then went on a date.
He looks so much nicer in person than in his photos, while his dogs bought my heart. From the first date, we have been together ever since.
A year and a half ago we moved to Mackay, Queensland, Australia. One of the reasons we have moved there is because beaches are my favorite place on Earth. And that place has a lot of beaches.

cast of south beach love

The proposal story

One of our friends lives in Airlie Beach so we go there often.
One day Mitchell told me that Jimmy (our friend) wanted to buy a boat and before that he wanted to rent one and see if that style suits him, so he invited us on a boat trip to Whitehaven beach. Mitchell brought our drone, as normal, and Jimmy brought his camera because it was his first time there.
I didn’t suspect anything…
As soon as we got there Jimmy was taking photos of the beach and Mitchell asked me to have a photo with the drone…That was the moment magic started.
He actually was recording the proposal!! I was in shock!! At first, I thought it was a joke. Once I saw the beautiful ring he picked for me, I have realized it was for real, and I said YES!
I’m so happy to have found the love of my life and that we managed to make that day a movie – a video that reminds us of that amazing day.

beach of love

Obviously, Jimmy didn’t rent the boat, actually, he was in a photographer role, while Mitchelle was the one who rented it.
My ring is so beautiful, the aquamarine gem matched the Chrystal – exactly like the shade of the ocean. It is perfect!

beach of love

Congratulations, we wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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